Enter to win $25,000 Cash from Cosmopolitan Magazine.

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11 Responses to $25,000 Cash from Cosmopolitan Magazine

  1. lisa ehren says:

    wow be great for unemployed mom to hoildays

  2. Jerahmy Beene says:

    Show me the money. Yes, I know not original.

  3. DANA says:

    what a wonderful gift

  4. laurie nemeth says:

    wow I can only dream of winning this.. Thank you for such a fabulous prize.

  5. Dori says:

    Awesome I would love to win.

  6. L Short says:

    Great prize.

  7. lisa ehren says:

    lol great for mommy unempolyed in vegas would lol makeover tremdeous!!!!!!!!

  8. cosmopolitan mag is just great! even $100,000 sweepstakes!

  9. kristine k cuciniello says:

    OK I know I have said it before but I want to win and I need money for my family. So again I say let me win.!!

  10. sheri says:

    This sure would ease our struggles from month to month

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