Enter to win $100,000 Cash in Oprah Magazine’s Dream Big Sweepstakes. Enter daily.

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19 Responses to $100,000 Cash from Oprah Magazine

  1. Sharron Ducimo says:

    Great contest!!!

  2. Tammi Bivans says:

    I love Oprah! Please continue the O’s Favorite Things and Celebrity Interviews! Love them!

  3. Barbara Ann says:

    I would like to know how it feels to win a Sweep from a Magazine especially Oprah’s. Now that would be a Ah Ha moment, Thank you Lord for me!

  4. Jennifer Garnick says:

    Every time I come here to enter something the thumbs up and various button cover the entry form link and I cannot get it to work…please help.

  5. Joyce K McDaniel says:

    I would give anything to win this, my mom and dad are both in bad health and my husband and I are disabled. Surely could use the money to help my parents out. We have been paying my mother’s medical bills for 4 yrs and it is hard.

  6. No entry form comes up, just ones for other contests, why?

  7. laurie nemeth says:

    Ok this one is mine.. Thank you O for this great sweep and We love you

  8. laurie nemeth says:

    Thank you so much for teaching and sharing with us!~~ we love you

  9. trish smith says:

    Thank you Oprah for making the Christmas season of giving brighter by offering this contest. You will make some person & their family very happy. Hope it’s me! ;-)

  10. JIll Knecht says:


  11. Becky says:

    thank you oprah, you are one awesome person!!

  12. Mike Bradley says:

    Can use the $100000 to pay off debt

  13. Patricia Upp says:

    Would love to save my son! Love and peace to all. Thanks

  14. Mildred says:

    Where is the entry form? All I get is a free trial offer. I don’t want a free trial, I want to enter the contest.

  15. sherry myers says:

    This would help us so much to pay on doctor bills and get caught up other bills and to get a good car that would get my husband and I to the doctors safely without breaking down,My husband has diabetics type 2 which has messed up his back,both feet and both hands and arms and then I got hurt badly at work and cannot work now.We lost our daughter in 2004 she was 8yrs old and our son was stillborn yet we still love each other so much our 31yrs anniversary is Aug 21 Thank You for giving us a chance to maybe win this money to help pay our bills!

  16. Virginia says:

    Hay, Oprah, I appreciate your offering this great prize. Of course, I can think of many places to spend it but much will go to charity; so many need it.

  17. Sharron Ducimo says:

    I hope I win!

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